Half Pipe Water Slide

Drop into fun on Half Pipe!
Type of attraction
 Rides & Slides
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 110cm
Maximum height: N/A
Minimum weight: 46 kg
Maximum weight: 180 kg
All Year
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Drop into fun on Half Pipe!

Get rejuvenated with the Half Pipe as it keeps your groove on.


Sail into daylight and "Beat the Heat" with Half Pipe. You'll encounter sharp bends in an enclosed slide tunnel before moving into daylight. The momentum of the raft will push you up the wall, in the direction of water sprayers. 

Half Pipe also has all the “Beat the Heat” elements while making your heart skip. It’s also a great place to rejuvenate and get your groove on. 

The Half Pipe will let experience the rush of rip roaring zero gravity and breeze in your hair as you dive down the slide. 

A finale awaits you before coming to a stop in the shallow pool! Be prepared for a moment of weightlessness as we take you from an unexpected drop from the top to the splashing bottom! 

Recommended for fans of similar rides such as Aqua Tube, The Breakers and Typhoon. If you’re looking to get wet while unwinding in the energising atmosphere, Half Pipe is for you.

The Half Pipe is also ideal if you want to have fun in the rip-roaring summer with your partner, friend, or family member. It’s also great place to build unforgettable memories together, as you brave the Half Pipe. Perfect to hang out if you need some adrenaline mixed in.

After taking on the Half Pipe, you’ll get soaked in satisfaction, with the desire for more! Half Pipe is the place to go if you want to unwind and beat the heat at the same time. 

Get down to Half Pipe to get your daily soak of fun today! 

Safety Guidelines:

To ensure a nice and safe ride!

Half Pipe have height and weight requirements in place to maximise your enjoyment. Please pay attention to the signs to make sure you can jump ahead without any concerns!  

The minimum weight combined is 46kg and the maximum weight combined is 180kg. The minimum height is 110cm.

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