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Location for Hire

Location Description

Raging Waters Sydney is a large Water Park situated in Prospect Western Sydney NSW. It includes large flat areas for film set building, and space within the park for photography. The land may be used for venue hire, as well as filming, storage and HMUW (Hair, make-up and wardrobe). There is access to facilities (bathrooms, showers, electric power supply), as well as plentiful park during our off season. During our offseason, there are no public guests in the park, so rooms like our sunset lounge V.I.P and Luigi’s Pizzeria are available for hire as well.

Location Category

  • Meeting Rooms
  • Internal Filming Space
  • External Filming Space 
  • Large Flat Locations for Filming sets
  • Parking
  • Power Outlets
  • Bathrooms/Showers

Contact Us

427 Reservoir Road, Prospect NSW 2148 Australia


Wave Pool


Indoor Area





Park Grounds

There are areas throughout the park that have a beautiful space for potential filming and photography.

Indoor Area


Walking Path

Indoor Areas

Sun Set V.I.P Lounge is a carpeted indoor area with recessed TVs in the walls.

Luigi's Pizzeria is a large restaurant with windows and glass doors expand over three sides of the building.



Indoor area at park


Indoor area at park

Car Park Area

The car park in Raging Waters Sydney is the largest flat piece of land on the property. This can be built on with temporary set ups for filming or stages, or used as parking space for cars, vans and trailers.

Sky view


Sky view 2




Parking lot


There are four types of Cabanas at the park: Family, Family V.I.P, Beach view and Beach V.I.P. They may be booked out during season; however, they are beautiful locations for film and photography to take place.

Wave Pool

Beach View Cabana

Indoor Area

 Wave Pool V.I.P Cabana


Family Cabana


Family V.I.P Cabana