T5 Intense Water Slide

Dare to take on the biggest thrills on this water slide!
Type of attraction
 Rides & Slides
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 122 cm
Maximum height: N/A
Minimum weight: 90 kg
Maximum weight: 320 kg
All Year
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Dare to take on the biggest thrills on this water slide!

Descend into darkness with T5 - Are you afraid of the dark?

RIDER COMBINATION: 2 or 4 riders

Not for the faint hearted, T5 is a ride you must not miss. Usually, only the bravest get to enter T5 – the most thrilling, darkest, and out of this world ride at Raging Waters. Daring to take the challenge and jump inside the darkest funnels and depths of this slide? 

Ride a few twists and turns, as you swing back and forth for suspense through a dark funnel. This slide can be taken in a group of 2 or 4 rides and, of course, enjoyed all together!

A great way to overcome your fear of the dark, T5 is the ride to go! Let your imagination run as you slide towards the darkness. Adrenaline seekers will not be disappointed. 

Rip roaring tidal waves and raging water will swirl, twirl, and pull you down into a huge whirlpool funnel at supersonic speeds. Get ready as you brace yourself for zero gravity, before dropping into the core of T5.

An awesome ride that will make you feel excited, as well as make you crave for more! T5 is a monster ride that will leave you, your friends and family soaked and stoked! Ride into the darkness, swinging back and forth in a huge funnel before an epic splashdown – an epic ride not to be missed!

As a mission from us to you, are you ready to take on the darkness in T5? Join your bravest family members and friends to experience a moment of euphoria at the splashdown through these 2 or 4 rider slides.

A thrilling mix of suspense and adrenaline rush, T5 builds and sets your pulse racing for more. And it’s only the beginning!

Get your 360-degree dose of fun at T5 now!

Safety Guidelines:

So, you can have a safe, fun and memorable experience with us.

For a safe T5 experience, the minimum combined weight is 90 kg and the maximum combined weight is 320 kg, with a minimum height of 122cm. Suitable for 2 or 4 riders.