Aqua Tube

Type of attraction
 Rides & Slides
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 110 cm
Maximum height: N/A
Minimum weight: 46 Kg
Maximum weight: 180 Kg
Brave the Aqua Tube while in the dark!

Get your fun and chills with Aqua Tube now!


Ready for some high-speed adrenaline and suspense? You’re in luck, the Aqua Tube has got you covered. 

We're not one to skip the thrills. Introducing the Aqua Tube, one of the most popular water slides in Sydney, just for you! 

Be prepared to scale new levels of darkness as you slip and slide your way into darkness through an enclosed high-speed slide. 

The darkness and the slide’s gentle acceleration add anticipation and an adrenaline rush, while you slide through heart-stopping drops and 360 degree turns. The slide makes a day splashing akin to a racing adventure… well, almost. If you experienced or love rides like T5, you'll not be disappointed. 

Aqua Tube has more to offer, since you can enjoy yourself in a cool paradise which takes the heat off your shoulders.  

You can take a break while hiding away from the sun, and let the waves guide you to the pool. Enjoy thrills with a friend, the waters, and a huge splash at the bottom.  

Get ready to slide into impact with the epic Aqua Tube! With a fast-paced water slide, it has everything you need to wow your family or special someone with your courage.

You’ll feel like a boss after going through this aquatic rush of a ride. Get ready for your daily splash of fun with the amazing Aqua Tube. 

Twice the speed, twice the fun! Available for two, you can bring a friend, someone special or a family member to brave the darkness of the Aqua Tube. It's a great ride to fulfil your adrenaline rush, from start to finish. Aqua Tube is the perfect ride for those looking for adrenaline, but also first timers.

No doubt, this is a hit for both teens and families. With such a splash-tastic setup, you’ll craving for more with Aqua Tube.

Safety Guidelines

to remember for a great experience Aqua Tube have height and weight requirements in place to maximise your enjoyment. Please pay attention to the signs to make sure you can jump ahead without any concerns! 

The minimum combined weight is 46kg and maximum combined is 180kg.

The minimum height is 110cm.

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