The Beach Wave Pool

The perfect place to relax and make a splash
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All Year
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The perfect place to relax and make a splash

The Beach is Australia’s largest wave pool! Enhanced by its white sandy shores, the perfect set every time, no rips and no sharks – it’s the world’s best beach and it’s right here in the heart of Sydney.


·      All guests under 120cms in height must wear a lifejacket when in the Beach Wave Pool regardless of their swimming ability.

·       Children Under 10 must remain under adult supervision at all times – within arms reach of an adult.

·      Lifejackets are not permitted to be worn on the attractions.

·      Make sure you select the correct jacket for your size and weight.

·      Instructions on how to fit the jacket are on the inside of the jacket.

·      All jackets must be returned to the racks at the end of use.

Any questions please ask our Guest Services Team.

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