Double BOWLSeye

Experience non-stop fun on the Double BOWLSeye.
Type of attraction
 Rides & Slides
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: Individual 122cm, or 110cm when accompanied by a guest over 122cm
Maximum height: N/A
Minimum weight: 90 kg
Maximum weight: 320 kg
All Year
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Experience non-stop fun on the Double BOWLSeye.

Double the BOWLS, Double the Fun

Bring a friend or your loved ones now for double the fun! 

RIDER COMBINATION: 2, 3, or 4 riders

We’re not the ones to brag, but we’re right here on target with Australia’s first ever Double BOWLSeye! Inspired with our mission to provide 360 degrees of fun for all ages, the Double BOWLSeye is born.

If this is your first time at Raging Waters, and you're looking for something light-hearted, the Double BOWLSeye is for you. It's also a perfect ride if you don't want to make it too fast. 

Built with enclosed flume sections and two giant fibreglass bowls, the Double BOWLSeye delivers a seamless experience for all. The design creates a safe, smooth, consistent rider motion while gliding. 

At the end, you’ll feel refreshed as the raft hits the pool. It's designed in a way that gives riders a unique, smooth and fun ride! 

Unwind your troubles away enjoying with your 2 or 3 partners during the raft, as you spiral through a series of huge bowls before continuing your massive 123m journey. Perfect if you’re looking for a ride to relax and soak in the hot summer with your friends or family. 

If romance is in the air, the Double BOWLSeye is ideal for you and your date, if you favour calm rides. Complete your date with the Double BOWLSeye in the hot summer now! 

The Double BOWLSeye is also a must-do if you’re looking for something to calm down from the intense rides you had, such as T5

We end off by asking you this: What are you waiting for? Time to grab your friends, family or loved ones and swirl through the Double BOWLSeye. It’s the perfect, ultimate 360 degrees of fun to soak in this hot summer!

Safety Guidelines:

Our requirements to ensure great and safe experiences for the ultimate BOWLSeye experience, it’s best enjoyed with 2 – 4 riders (maximum).

Riders will have to be 122cm (minimum height). For riders between 110cm to 122cm, you are required to ride with someone over 122cm.

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