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H2Go Racers

Challenge your friends on the H2Go Racers! Who will win?
Type of attraction
 Rides & Slides
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 110 cm
Maximum height: N/A
Maximum weight: 135 kg
Challenge your friends on the H2Go Racers! Who will win?

Are you ready for some 360-degree lightning speed and adrenaline?

RIDER COMBINATION: Single rider, 8 sliders at a time.

Here's the thing: You're craving for that first splash of glory since your childhood. 

The hot summer also reminds you of your first water park ride with your family, as you have fun splashing with your siblings. Now you’re together with your family and friends, the only thing you need is a rip-roaring splash of wonderful memories.

Are you ready to create a memorable splash to the finish? 

Creating wonderful memories is our specialty - that's why H2Go Racers is here for you!

Get ready for the ride that will last forever in your memory… We introduce you the H2Go Racers! A rip-roaring 8 lane-water racecourse that gets you sliding headfirst to the finish. 

Earn your first win for the ultimate thrilling ride when the start signal hits green.

Feeling competitive? Challenge your family or friends to a rip-roaring battle as you race down H2Go Racers! Slide on your mat and get the thrill of a lifetime. Get ready to put your slide power to the test, as you go through a series of turns and twists.

If you're a fan of water slide races, this must make it to your-to-do list at Raging Waters. H2Go Racers will take you faster than anything in Sydney with its water-fuelled slide. Those who’re lucky enough to experience the rip-roaring H2Go Racers, will be left energised, ready for their next race!

Want to let the world know how fast you can go? Don’t forget to share your time after you’re done. A victory selfie at H2Go Racers awaits you! 

Safety Guidelines

So, you can have a safe, fun and memorable experience with us.

H2Go Racers have height and weight requirements in place to maximise your enjoyment. Please pay attention to the signs to make sure you can jump ahead without any concerns! 

The maximum weight per rider is 135kg, with a minimum height of 110cm. Suitable for 1 rider per slide.

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